far from recently, i gave up writing. i guess a few words seldom written here and way over there count for something. well, alright, “gave up” may be a bit too concrete a term. more like, “unable to proceed”. or better yet, “out of all the things i could have been doing, writing was not one of them”. yes, much better.

the long and the short of it is writing eluded me.

ok, well, i had allowed for no writing to come from me. a simple way to describe my condition would be cause and effect. effect being my dead pen and cause being a visitation of a disturbing kind. by “disturbing” i don’t mean fetal position, not eating for a week “disturbing”, just that there lay within my mind a wrinkle in the progress of time, that wrinkle, i have a hard time ironing out.

what might the wrinkle be, you ask? any number of things, any number of the things that might be a hindrance to you, as well. there isn’t any real variance in the type of hindrance in relation to how mine may be different from yours, but the variance comes in how it is resolved.

sometimes the most mundane occurrence has me on a tear and i’m writing ferociously then at other times i can come across the most inspiring thing i have ever seen/heard and yield not a single word from the experience. this blog is a test for me. a challenge, to see just how much can be produced in between my bouts with creativity or lack thereof. nothing new or irregular, just a periodic description of how i see the spin in things.

don’t you all dare stay away all at one time…please?


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