I had to make a quick run to the grocery store and left my phone in the house.
I stop for a second to walk back from the car and get it. I change my mind and with a sense of great urgency, I run up and get it.
All is well. I can breathe. I can also tell myself it’s because I don’t want to be out without any method of communication in case of emergency. But I know better than that.
There’s this nagging feeling of missing out on something, of not seeing that indicator light go off telling me that I have a new message, a reply to my latest witticism. The need to know that my relevance in relation to someone else’s is intact.
I’ve realized that the more technology grows and methods of communication advance and expand, the less we actually communicate. Technology is interfering with current civilization when it is supposed to be helping. Our world is confusing, hyperactive. We accept it as normal. So that person that might not be as “plugged in” as we are is considered abnormal, but are they
…or are we?


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