.make the best.

ever the artist, he watched the poetry in the highlighter ink bleeding from one page to the next

on his termination notice.


6 thoughts on “.make the best.

  1. I feel like I’m bastardizing your poetry, but this totally reminds me of a guy I blogged about a while ago who was fired after some insubordination related to a yellow highlighter! Ah, fond memories you have brought back 🙂


        1. It was actually the first post of yours that I encountered. I told you I would make a day of starting from the beginning of your blog and you advised against it for fear that I might lose my mental faculties. 🙂
          The only thing that has stopped me is lack of time. I worry not about my mental faculties for one moment. Hehe


          1. Hahaha that’s right! I didn’t remember where you had started. Well… if you suddenly disappear or you start blogging gibberish then I’ll know you’ve gone back through my archives 😉


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