.what you don't know. {trifecta weekend challenge}

In response to this weeks  Trifextra challenge.

when you move,

everything else doesn’t.

your lips are the color

of your heart.

i can tell.

i can tell the contents of your dreams.

you lay a certain way.

i watch, nightly.



23 thoughts on “.what you don't know. {trifecta weekend challenge}

    1. well, i was hoping it wouldn’t be creepy 🙂 it is about my beautiful wife and unborn daughter. I was going for sweet. And warm, even 😉


        1. haha! it’s ok! I understood what you meant/read 🙂
          just wanted to let you know what it was really about because it’s special to me


  1. I liked, “when you move, everything else doesn’t.” I’ve known moments like that with women and, as well, when I held my daughters when they were first born…….and a million times since. Your passion pours through your words. Well stated declaration from your heart.


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