.machine. {NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 1}

As most or some of you may have noticed, National Poetry Month is upon us! Now, historically, I havent been much for participating in events and National anything days but I need to meet a bit of a change. Don’t we all, at some point? So, in recognition of that fact, I’ve decided to take part in NaPoWriMo this year and commit to at least one poem per day, for 30 days. I plan on using previously unpublished work that I’ll dust off and revamp plus write brand new words, as the inspiration strikes.

I say at least one poem since the act of writing daily should elicit more than one piece a day, or at least that’s the hope. In any event. I hope you all join me and many others on their journey to perfecting their craft. Hey, who knows, some of us might be able to amass enough work to get a chapbook or a full on book of poetry together.

NaPoWriMo and Writer’s Digest both have daily prompts running throughout the month to get you all inspired. I’ve decided to share what  I come up with at Writer’s Digest. They are currently conducting their 2nd annual Poem of the Day (PAD) Challenge.  I encourage you to register and share since it’s a great way to read some new stuff and get a chance at being published in the 2nd annual anthology that they will put together. There will be a daily prompt that will be posted on the main page of their site. The prompt word itself doesn’t have to be used. You can use the concept of the word and take your reader in a totally unexpected direction. Challenge yourself to write in an atypical way, try different times of day, use your phone instead of your laptop or desktop, just shake it all up a bit!

Best of luck to all who participate and if you do participate and you’re reading this entry, please, let me know how it goes for you and link your offerings! I’m always on the lookout for new work to enjoy.

Below I’ve shared the piece that I used for today’s prompt, resistance:

of the whole
there is a pressing in
mass upon mass
leaving no room
in the mechanism.

the mechanism
is deep ended.
the teeth in the gears catch.
they’ve been doing so to
our flesh for so long.
they are of an excited cacophony.

hands glide across where
where the reflection of
that sound comes from.

it feels of stone.
stone holds memories.
as stone goes, faces
have a tale.
do not look away
from that face.
it will tell you everything.

(Don’t forget! Link me to your work, if you’re participating!)




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