.after emily. {NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 5}

It’s day 5 of NaPoWrimo. Today’s prompts are creating your own version of an Emily Dickinson poem of your choice and a vegetable poem from NaPoWriMo and Writer’s Digest, respectively.

I’ve decided on Emily’s poem named, Crumbling is not an instant’s Act. Apparently, ED’s usage of dashes and capitalisations were a bother to most readers, to the point where they were lessened and sometimes completely removed from her works when published. A poet’s devices are very important to them and are a signature of sorts and should not be tampered with, in my opinion BUT for the sake of the challege I will do so. I incorporated a line about a vegetable to make it a twofer.

I hope you are all writing and reading all of the great work that is coming from this year’s NaPoWriMo and that it stays with you the rest of the year!


crumbling is not an instant’s act
a fundamental pause
dilapidation’s processes
are of metered decay

the etymology is a dance
along the rind of time
authored on oxidized legs
following a faithful script




and the devil’s work
ears fed, by broken angels,
whispering misquoted iliads
and giving bitter gourd

no, this languish does not
at all come suddenly. may it
not be revealed to you
as opposite upon autopsy


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