.this is my flourish. {NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 21}

.this is my flourish.

how long I thought
about a world pausing
whenever stepping
into the sea

this is my flourish

i quietly take
some feelings
with me



©jcs click to enlarge

Today, the prompt for NaPoWriMo is to create an erasure poem.  Erasure poems are really fun and a great exercise in that you have to get really creative in order to find little gems within the page.  It expands your thinking while you are confined to the words that are in from of you.

You can see in the above erasure the words that I grayed words that were omitted to get to what I shared as my poem. The original text is from the first paragraph of Moby Dick  by Herman Melville.

The words that stuck out to me here are about wishful thinking. What if a world existed where time would just stand still for you in the middle of your turmoil? In the middle of your daydreams? In the middle of whatever you would rather be doing than be where you are? Your sea is a body of whatever is your moment. This is my wish but alas, the waves of that sea only gently wrap my ankles, taking only some of those thoughts and that is as much as can be given, for time moves on.


Although chiefly known for his magisterial novel Moby-Dick and for other prose works, Herman Melville was also a fascinating poet who turned to the art after his serious fiction failed to find appreciative readers. His eccentric verse displays the complexity of thought and verbal richness of his novels, which has led some critics to rank him just below Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson among 19th-century American poets.













Aurora Borealis

What power disbands the Northern Lights
After their steely play?
The lonely watcher feels an awe
Of Nature’s sway,
As when appearing,
He marked their flashed uprearing
In the cold gloom–
Retreatings and advancings,
(Like dallyings of doom),
Transitions and enhancings,
And bloody ray.

The phantom-host has faded quite,
Splendor and Terror gone
Portent or promise–and gives way
To pale, meek Dawn;
The coming, going,
Alike in wonder showing–
Alike the God,
Decreeing and commanding
The million blades that glowed,
The muster and disbanding–
Midnight and Morn.


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