.temples, bells.


there are temples. these, our temples,
bells rung, until gods shiver from the walls
blending in with the cadence
men, women of different tongues
make for different ingredients
making for a different simmer
to their cook
rendering off the empty hymns

During my blogging hiatus after NaPoWriMO, I’ve had time to think about a few things;  some of which are what the meaning of our lives truly are, how that meaning plays out in the lives of others, and how we, ourselves, interpret that meaning. These bodies we have are not our own. They are on loan and much like anything lent, we are to take care
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of them, use them to their fullest potential, yet not break them and not break others’, in the process. We aren’t always successful at this and for myself, I have been far from the  exception and probably a prime example of such failure. We are to discover what is written on these bodies. We can remain mysteries to each other, that is certainly a choice, but we all can relate in a much deeper way than we allow.

This world tells us what to worship, what to aspire to, what to attain, where to go, but it’s all rooted in self, in what one can get out of it with no regard for others. These bodies are temples, a meeting place for all things wise, temperate, giving. That bell (heart) within us, it must be in tune with those things and ring loudly, shaking off any of the ‘gods’ that we are tend to bow to.
We’re all very different yet so very much alike. What we want and need, intrinsically, is all the same, how we attain it, from what source, and when we attain it, are the places where variances lie. It all tastes different, smells not alike, yet renders down the same. What we are left with in the end, once we’ve cooked off  all of the impurities, once what we thought was the right flavor shows itself to be but a layer in the taste profile, is the end goal.

5 thoughts on “.temples, bells.

  1. The hiatus appears to have been fruitful indeed! Your observation that pressuring, external prompts are rooted “in what one can get out of it with no regard for others,” resonates deeply. Thank you for taking the time to share what you’ve pondered, Jason.

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